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    Craft cubes (PLTW), squares, disks, circles, balls and custom wooden parts, Rodent Chew blocks

     Craft Parts

        We manufacture a wide range of hardwood and softwood parts, both stock parts and custom, bespoke parts.  We make shelves, planks, cubes, all polygons, balls and other shapes from a variety of hardwoods and softwoods.  We have been making specialty parts for crafters and artists for twenty years. Our selection of hardwood wooden cubes ranges from 3/8" up to 4" by 1/8ths and 1/4ths.  View our stock parts or tell us what you need. Most are available in a range of hardwoods, but typically hard maple.

         We make pine wood triangles, wood squares, wooden pentagons and all manner of regular and irregular wood polygons with or without edge treatments such as an ogee edge.  Specialty and exotic woods can be had at a negotiated price if the order justifies the purchase. We make circles, disks, discs, rounds, with or without edge treatment, and we can make ovals by special order. Our pine pieces can be had with precision sizes when specified.  Finally, we will modify such pieces to your special needs - such as making slits for place holders and the like.  Tell us what you want and we can probably make it.

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    $4.00 $4.20
    Add a new shape to your kits! Standard sizes: 4" tall 2" base, or our smaller one 1 3/8 all sides. Other custom sizes can be made to your needs.

    1" Rodent chew block

    $0.14 $0.20
    Mice, Gerbils, Hamsters, will all love these small chew blocks.

    1.5" Rodent chew block

    $0.38 $0.52
    Rabbits, guinea pigs will love these.

    Maple leaf wood cutout

    $2.00 $3.50
    1/8 inch thickness