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    Make Your Own Blocks

    Making Your Own Blocks

           In our Topics section at the bottom of this page we provide a link to instructions for making your own blocks (or click here).  If you are an accomplished woodworker or if your school has a woodshop, you can use these instructions to make a set of blocks from scratch.  Most of the task involves creating molding in the five basic profiles required for a set of blocks.
          Alternately, the Hard Maple molding below is already extruded with rounded corners and a smooth surface all ready to be chopped into the required lengths.  You can make standard unit blocks with little more than a table saw and a sander.  This is exactly the same material that we use to make our own blocks.  Your pieces will be inspected to avoid any pieces with cracks or other surface defects, but is otherwise right off the top of the pile and will include the same proportion the spots and color streaks.
          The pieces are 47.5" long.  The corners are rounded in the long dimension and the material is smooth to about 150 grit.  The table (below) shows the approximate number of pieces of various profiles required for the two best selling sets in our repertoire: the Beginner A16 and the Base A16.  You can view the list of parts for these sets by viewing them here (Beginner A16) and here (Base A16) respectively.


    End ShapeType Price
    4 ft. 
    How to Make Wooden Toys )  Block Stock  $10.71 4 9
    How to Make Wooden Toys Pillar Stock  $8.48 2 3
    How to Make Wooden Toys Road Stock  $8.15 1 2
    ( How to Make Wooden Toys )  Roof Planks  $8.29 3 6
    wooden block shapes )  Round Stock  $9.48 1 2
    *  Does not account for wastage. Molding is right off the line, not selected (good or bad), and should be expected to have the usual range of defects and discolored spots and streaks.


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    1-3/8 by 2-3/4 Block Stock

    A 47.5 inch piece of Blocks Stock

    1-3/8 by 1-3/8 Pillar Stock

    A 47.5" piece of Pillar Stock

    11/16 by 2-3/4 Road Plank Stock

    A 47.5" piece of Road Plank Stock

    11/16 by 1-3/8 Roof Plank Stock

    A four foot piece of Roof Plank Stock

    1-3/8 by 1-3/8 Round Column Stock

    A 47.5" piece of Round Column Stock